Sustainable growth, sustainable future...

About eHH

eHempHouse Inc's ™ focus is to provide gainful employment, electricity, clean water, livestock feed and green fuel for countries devastated by famine and drought, in addition to the sequestration of millions of tons of climate disrupting, environmentally harmful CO2 gases from the Earth’s atmosphere, annually.

Highlighted efforts

The SmartBox

A portable, self powered, universal crop processor unit. Designed with the needs of third world nation farmers in mind Energy independent Mobile, housed in industry standard shipping container Self Contained, gives farmer capacity to overcome drought like events

Sustainable technology

eHH utilizes and develop the technology needed to take us into the future. Remote operations, machine learning with a nice side of patented and unique technologies.

Self sufficient

Having a reliable source of electrical power for use on the farm, using the biofuel powered SmartBox generator and uninterrupted clean water supply provided by the water filtration and reverse osmosis system in the SmartBox.

Increasing potential revenue

Hemp Oil for the cosmetics, nutraceuticals and wellness industry. Hemp Fiber for textiles industry Fiber and hurd processed to manufacture hempcrete as a cheap building material, and animal bedding. Pellet Fuel as a cheap energy source to be sold locally to the community in addition to BioDiesel for sale to local farmers to power the farm machinery.

Want to collaborate?

Demand for this product is expected to continue to increase over the next several decades as it benefits not only to the consumers but to the environment as well by sequestering CO2 gases that are threatening all of humanity. Hemp plants sequester more than 4x the CO2 gases than that of all other trees and plant life. An additional benefit of Hemp Oil is the bio-fuel component producing diesel fuel with the expectation of limiting or, in a more perfect world, eliminating the need to burn traditional fossil fuels entirely.