About Us

Our Mission

Providing farmers with the technology to affect meaningful and lasting improvements in the global environment and their local economy.


To drive positive improvements in the lives of farmers and communities across the world whilst working effectively to help redress the devastating impacts of CO2 on the whole planet.

Value Proposition

SmartBox (SB) is an exclusive, patented processing system which will promote the revitalization of the beleaguered farming industry. It is an off-grid, mobile processor that will be brought directly to the farmer.

The Farmer

Rather than selling raw seeds or hemp, the SB puts the farmer in the value chain by producing a more valuable oil. The farmer is paid directly at the point of collection. We eliminate the need for the farmer to transport or distribute the product. The remaining biomass will be processed into pellets for fuel, cakes for livestock feed, and products such as Hemp Fiber & Hempcrete.

Business Model

The revolutionary SmartBox processes the hemp on site and the oil produced is collected and sold commercially to our industry partners. By processing on site and close to the harvest the oil produced is of higher quality and value.