About Us

Our Mission

Providing farmers with the technology to affect meaningful and lasting improvements in the global environment and their local economy.


Delivering positive improvements to the lives of farmers and communities across the world whilst working effectively to redress the devastating impact of CO2 on the whole planet.

Value Proposition

SmartBox (SB) is a patented zero-waste crop processing system that revitalises the farming industry by creating value and enterprise opportunities. The SB is an off-grid, mobile processor providing an on-farm resource that delivers a revolution in the value chain.

The Farmer

The farmer can now process their Hemp harvest on-farm. Reducing their costs and increasing the quality and value of the Hemp Oil produced. The remaining Hemp Biomass will be processed into pellets for fuel, cakes for livestock feed, and other products such as Hemp Fibre and Hempcrete.

Business Model

By utilising the proprietary SB processe the Hemp harvest can be processed on-farm and the hemp oil sold directly to the market. By processing on-farm the oil produced is of higher quality and value.