Mission Statement

Our Planet and all people

Humanitarian lifelines and rescue programs in the poorest and most devastated drought regions are desperately overburdened and unsustainable. As of now, approximately one fifth of all global arable land based communities are in a state of collapse and this is predicted to double by 2050. In 2019, EHH Corp committed to meet this crisis head on. 

Our solution

Engineer a system that supports small farm development, social justice and climate renewal. Build mobile farm processor units with multi-function, revenue steam operation and a system design that is scalable for local manufacturing and remote distribution.

This is a holistic solution that not only regenerates soils for productive food security and essentials‚Ķ it creates sustainable livelihood, community resilience 

Our guaranty

The SmartBox TM is designed for rapid deployment. Empowering the local communities to transition expeditiously within the occurring grow season and thereby develop the regenerative inter-dependency needed to be carbon neutral (and negative) immediately.

This system will sequester 8,800 metric tons CO2 per 100 hectares annually when planted with the wonder crop Hemp. (x45,000=11.363million hectares for 1 Gigaton)