Mission Statement

Our Planet and The People

eHH has the strategic goal to sequester large quantities of environmentally damaging CO2 whilst providing food, water, communications and local enterprise developments for the poorest within the third world.

Simultaneously resolving immediate challenges within these communities whilst repairing the environmental damage caused by the vast quantities of CO2 disgorged into the atmosphere. 

Our solution

The SM is a patent pending mobile processing unit that is designed for rapid deployment to on-farm locations. Placing the processing and production resource as close to the point of harvest as possible. Significantly revolutionizing how local farmers and communities can benefit from the crops they grow as well as energizing local enterprise by creating the opportunities for establishing new ventures.

Our guaranty

eHH will work to create a commercial landscape in which local enterprise can thrive and grow. Bringing sustainable value to the communities it serves. eHH will do this in a way that also actively benefits the global environment by sequestering the damaging CO2 gases.

For every 100 hectares grown with the eHH system an incredible 8,800 tons of CO2 will be sequestered each year.

Creating a win, win, and win model that eHH is committed to develop on a global scale.